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FDA/CE approved

Surgical Disposable Masks

FDA/CE approved

Surgical Disposable Masks for Kids

Official_FDA_MICRODIA HC CORP_Disposable

ASTM Level 3 Disposable Masks

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FDA/CE approved Surgical Masks

HIGH FILTRATION PERFORMANCE - This FDA/CE Approved mask provides PFE/BFE/VFE filtration efficiency of over 99%.


SPUNLACE FABRIC OUTER LAYER - Spunlace fabric is a non-woven fabric produced by the entanglement of a web of loose fibers through multiple rows of jets of high pressure water which then pierce the tissue and entangle the fibers


DISPOSABLE ANTIVIRAL MASK FOR KIDS AND ADULTS - Keeping you away from pollutants and allergens, as well as pet allergens. The three-layer protection creates a barrier between yourself and the outside air.


SPECIAL DESIGN - Soft elastic ear loop ensures that the mask can be worn securely and help eliminating the risk of either coming off or getting loose.


PREMIUM QUALITY – This medical mask is very comfortable to wear as it is light and breathable. It is scientifically proved to efficiently prevent dust and restrain 95% of bacteria


ONE SIZE FITS ALL - This face mask fits most face shapes with its adjustable nose clip and ear string.

3-PLY Disposable Mask pattern2.jpg

FDA/CE approved Surgical Masks for Kids

FILTRATION PERFORMANCE - This mask has a filtration efficiency of over 99% (BFE/PFE/VFE).


BUY WITH CONFIDENCE - This mask is officially certified by FDA and CE which ensures reliability and performance.


DISPOSABLE MASK FOR CHILDREN - Soft ear loops are designed not to pull on little ears. Each mask features a reinforced loop and mask connection keeping the ear loops from breaking easily.


COMFORTABLE TO WEAR - Soft and comfortable pleated design that covers the face while not compromising the breathability and hence is suitable for long-time wearing. The inner layer is made of soft facial tissue without dying, making it gentle to the skin.


FLEXIBLE FIT - The internal metal nose bridge enables a tight and comfortable fit. The elasticity of the ear loops enables you to change its length freely based on your face contour, to prevent any traces left on little ones' faces after taking the mask off


VERSATILE USE - Disposable masks are effective to filter out dust, fog, bacteria, car exhaust, and filtration of pollen or infectious pathogens. It is suitable for hospital visits, schools, dental clinics, etc.

ASTM Level 3 Disposable Masks

  • ASTM Level 3 & TYPE IIR Quality Standard: Achieving and even exceeding the highest requirements on disposable masks and is officially registered with FDA. By reaching BFE/VFE/PFE of 99.6%, we strive for a better standard than the requirement of 96% by of Level 3 Standard set by ASTM.

  • A TYPE IIR Mask must have a splash resistance pressure equal to or greater than 120mm Hg.

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What are the advantages of masks manufactured using spunlace fabric?

  • Better breathability while maintaining a high filtration rate and resistance to fluid.

  • Non-irritating and odorless.

  • Keeps the shape of the mask even after long-time wearing thanks to its special fabric structure.

  • Spunlace fabric has a distinctive shiny surface.

  • Inner layer: Non-woven fabric with high breathability. Sensitive skin-friendly.

What is “Spunlace Fabric”?


  • Outer Layer: Unlike the non-woven fabric used by most mask makers, our masks are manufactured using spunlace fabric, which requires a more complex production process and higher cost.

  • Spunlace fabric is a non-woven fabric produced by the entanglement of a web of loose fibers through multiple rows of jets of high-pressure water which then pierce the tissue and entangle the fibers.

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3ply surgical mask with People-02.jpg
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Ear String

  • Made of 100% cotton with thickened design to eliminate pressure to ears.

Nose Strip

  • Double-wired nose bridge with increased adjustability and low resilience that firmly hold the shape while being soft enough not to hurt your nose

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