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About MICRODIA HealthCare

Microdia HealthCare (Microdia HC) is a business division of Microdia Holdings and is a designer and manufacturer of medical devices and medical personal protective equipment.

Microdia HealthCare sells MicrodiaHC™ surgical masks, N95 respirators, and other products. It also manufactures medical products for other medical companies.

Our Mission

At MICRODIA HealthCare, we believe that our customers’ health and safety are of paramount importance. Through providing high-quality, affordable and economically sustainable health care products and qualified medical equipment to our community, we empower our partners and consumers to maintain their health, prioritize preventive care for more time pursuing healthy, active lives and less on cures and treatments.

Our Values


Dedicated and skilled personnel with a commitment to excellence in medical care



We perform at the highest level, always learning and looking for ways to improve



Responsive to industry changes in order to offer the best options in healthcare delivery and treatment options



We act with responsibility and accountability in the communities we serve.


Continuous improvement

We are not satisfied with the status quo and seek to identify our mistakes and find better solutions

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