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The New Normal: How to live with COVID-19?

The transmission of COVID-19 has increased with every new variant discovered. To protect oneself against testing positive, mask wearing and the use of hand sanitizer and gloves are useful precautions to deal with such risks. For frequent travelers and at risk demographics such as children and the elderly, mask wearing is recommended to protect against COVID-19 infection and the consequential symptoms.* We should also wear a mask if we are in close contact with children and the elderly to protect them from cross-infection.

With the coming and goings of variant waves, mask orders have relaxed in some countries including the United States and the United Kingdom. However, there are still mask wearing requirements for high risk public settings. To not be caught off guard by such regulations, it is recommended to have masks at hand for peace of mind.


Microdia HealthCare (Microdia HC) aims to provide masks to suit your personal style and protect against the rampant pandemic of COVID-19.

Microdia HC uses certified and quality masks, that is why we have FDA and CE approved N95 and KN95 respirators for your everyday needs. We are both the manufacturer and designer of our products, ensuring safety through every step and process. Together with other protective products such as hand sanitizer and gloves, not only can we protect ourselves, we can also ensure the safety of our close family and friends.

Microdia HC believes in choice, therefore we have designed multitudes of colorways and patterns to suit your daily wardrobe. Having stylish and the highest specification masks can be achieved concurrently and do not have to be in isolation. Whether you prefer latest trend or the greatest protection, we are confident that we can fulfill your needs.

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