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Portable UV-C Ultraviolet & Ozone Sterilization Lamp 

Portable UV-C Ultraviolet & Ozone Sterilization Lamp 

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 Portable UV-C Ultraviolet & Ozone Sterilization Lamp 


Portable UV-C Ultraviolet & Ozone Sterilization Lamp 

1. Dual UVC & Ozone Disinfection

Short-wavelength ultraviolet (UV-C) light is generally known to kill microorganisms by destroying their DNA and RNA. UV-C light rays radiate in a straight line and will reflect back and disinfect the surface of the object if blocked. Comparably, ozone is one of the most effective natural sterilizing tools that could kill germs, viruses and microbes on the surface of objects or in the air. Unlike UV-C light, ozone is a gas. Hence, the gas can be able to fill the entire space even if obstacles existed. The optimal sterilizing effect can be achieved by combining the use of UV-C light and ozone gas.


2. 360° Wide Angle

The environment plays a crucial role in people’s physical, mental and social well-being. We have an innate awareness of our environment and seek out the ones that equipped with certain qualities. We should always make effort to disinfect our surroundings to keep away harmful bacteria. That is why LUKAS comes with a 360° wide angle. The design enables air purification by killing bacteria, dust particles, viruses, mold and allergens without missing any blind spots. It is an invaluable tool to upgrade your living environment.


3. Kills 99.9% Bacteria + Germs

Bacteria and viruses can be found everywhere. Considering most are colorless, odorless and tasteless, and invisible to the naked eye, this potential hazard is silently endangering your health. LUKAS is able to kill 99.9% of bacterial microorganisms in 30 seconds. Effectively preventing mold, deodorizing and sanitizing your home and belongings with convenience and ease.

4. Efficient Sterilization 

Compared with other sterilization lamps that use merely ozone technology, LUKAS integrates the latest UV-C radiation and ozone gas methods to sanitize your surroundings thoroughly. It is especially suitable for baby rooms, to provide a healthy habitat for children to grow. By creating a safe environment, it protects the elderly from disease and helps patients to have a speedy recovery by reducing infections. 


5. Energy Saving

After turning on the device, LUKAS will enter sterilization mode automatically within 30 seconds. It only takes 30 minutes to provide you with a clean and healthy space. With the built-in 800mAh lithium battery, you can sterilize the space 2-3 times with a 2-hour charge. It is also a good practice to use LUKAS regularly to prohibit the growth of bacteria effectively. 


6. Portable & Compact

Weighing only 200g and with an exquisite, durable leather rope attached, you can place or hang LUKAS in any area of less than 2 square meters. The portable design makes it an easy-to-carry sterilization tool not only for your home but also to bring with you for traveling or going on business trips. A brisk cleaning and disinfection process can be carried out in order to prepare a germ-free, safe and healthy environment in no time. The minimalistic outer shell also fits into any interior style.


Name: Portable UVC ozone germicidal lamp 

Sterilization type: UVC LIGHT + Ozone

Power: 2.5W UVC

Use area: 1-2m

Battery capacity 800mAh

Rated voltage: DC5V 1A

Product size: 70x70x165MM

Product weight: 200G

Executive standard: GB 19258-2012

MHC_Clinitizer UV Light Sanitizer, Ozone Quartz Lamp_23_03.png
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